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Success in any profession is largely a function of having the right competencies, or, in other words, the skills and abilities critical for success.

This is an assessment report of Danielle Moroney's skills and abilities, as they pertain to a successful career in real estate sales.

  1. Licensed agents and pre-licensees: This report provides personal feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, who is the subject of this assessment, and gives guidance for addressing the weak areas. The purpose of this report is to provide information that will serve as the basis for improving sales performance and/or making informed career decisions. Licensed agents can use this information to target certain areas for further development. Pre-licensed individuals can use this information to better determine their own suitability for a career in real estate sales.

  2. Brokers and managers: This assessment report can be used to assist selection decisions of agents. We strongly encourage the use of this information as a guide, however we caution against the use of this tool as the sole decision criteria for hiring or rejecting candidates. Thorough selection decisions should take into consideration other forms of candidate evaluation, such as in-person interviews and references. We recommend that brokers and managers use the information contained in this report to explore with the candidate his or her strengths and weaknesses in a face-to-face interview. If the decision is made to hire the individual, the objective evaluation presented in this report can also serve as a way to establish a collaborative relationship with him or her that is focused on open communication, productivity and success.

  3. Trainers and coaches: The information contained in this report can be used to provide personalized coaching and training for the individual, who is the subject of this assessment, in order to help him or her reach higher productivity levels. It can be used to pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness, and to focus training efforts on the areas requiring attention, significantly reducing overall training time. This information can also be used as the basis for generating honest dialogue with the agent for the purpose of jointly building a plan for enhancing performance.


The analysis of competencies is made by statistically comparing Danielle Moroney's responses to those of top performing real estate agents. High scores indicate that Danielle's responses closely match those of top performers contained in the database. Low scores indicate deviations from the pattern of top performers’ responses and, thus, reveal areas of weakness.

For the purpose of this analysis, “top performers” are defined as those agents who are (a) making at least $150,000 a year in commissions and (b) considered to be “top performers” in their home office. Many “top performers” contained in the database earn in excess of $1 Million a year.

In reviewing the results for Danielle Moroney , provided below, please bear in mind that Danielle is being benchmarked against agents who are highly advanced in terms of their sales competencies. Consequently, the report should be read from the following perspective: What can Danielle do to become better? No matter how successful Danielle is as an agent, there is usually room for improvement within any individual.



The following graph reveals how closely Danielle Moroney's responses match up to those of top performers.

Overall Suitability

Danielle Moroney's responses closely match those of top performing agents. This indicates that Danielle's sales skills and abilities are highly developed. Danielle appears well suited for a career in real estate sales. If Danielle is not a successful agent already, Danielle has the capacity to become one. For more information, please review the Detailed Results below.

Detailed Assessment

The following graph illustrates Danielle Moroney's areas of strength and weakness. The graph is laid out in terms of critical competencies that are required to successfully perform as a real estate agent. For each competency, Danielle Moroney is evaluated in terms of Danielle's current level of development. A high score indicates strength in that particular competency. A low score indicates that a competency may require further development. Please review the information below the graph for an interpretation of the results.

  Building Rapport And Acquiring Information 4.12173891067505
  Listening And Comprehension Skills 4.47058820724487
  Managing The Sales Process 4.58217573165894
  Closing Skills 4.73039197921753
  Ability 2.79999995231628
  Sociability 3.40972232818604
  Assertiveness 3.437908411026
  Achievement 4.11111116409302
  Dependability 3.64556956291199
  Emotional Resilience 3.36167812347412

Please note that the score on each scale is interpreted relative to a sample of other real estate agents who have completed this assessment: 'Enhanced Competencies' means that the score is in the top 15 percent, 'Effective Functioning' means that the score is about average, and 'Needs Improvement' means that the score is in the bottom 15 percent.


The simulation part of the test has been designed to assess whether the individual exhibits behaviors that are important for success in real estate sales. The simulation measures four important categories of sales behavior: (a) Building rapport and qualifying prospects, (b) Listening and comprehension, (c) Managing the sales process, and (d) Closing.

1.1. Building Rapport And Qualifying Prospects

At the beginning of the sales process, critical sales skills involve qualifying prospects and establishing a working relationship with the promising ones. Qualifying prospects involves distinguishing between the motivated prospects and non-motivated prospects by probing for and evaluating their level of commitment and financial resources. Building rapport involves quickly establishing a working relationship by developing a connection with prospects on a personal level and communicating a sense of trust. Successful agents know how to qualify and build rapport quickly and efficiently, and the simulation measures Danielle's ability in this regard.

Based on Danielle Moroney's responses in the simulation, Danielle appears very skilled at opening the sales process. Danielle has strong rapport building and qualifying skills, resulting in Danielle's superior effectiveness at quickly gaining prospects' trust and regard. Danielle also appears to have a highly developed ability to uncover clients' needs and decision-making criteria.

1.2. Listening and Comprehension

    Real estate agents must have good listening and comprehension skills in order to understand their clients’ needs and requirements on the basis of verbal and non-verbal communication. This part of the simulation measures how well Danielle Moroney processes the information that the clients provide and how accurately Danielle applies that information in the sales process. Please note that, as in real life, clients in the simulation sometimes communicate information in an ambiguous manner, requiring Danielle to recognize and interpret vague statements and to “read between the lines.”

    Compared to other agents who have completed this assessment, Danielle Moroney has excellent listening and comprehension skills. Danielle can accurately understand clients' instructions and requirements and can apply this information in the sales process.

1.3. Managing the Sales Process

    Managing skills involve a set of behaviors that control the flow and pace of the sales process. This part of the simulation measures Danielle's ability to guide the client toward action at the right time by making appropriate recommendations (while not turning off the client by being too aggressive or too forward), properly addressing clients’ concerns, and effectively handling objections and removing obstacles.

    Compared to other salespeople, Danielle Moroney has an exceptional ability to manage the sales process. Danielle is very effective at steering the client through the various phases in the sales process and toward the purchasing decision. Danielle makes helpful recommendations in response to clients’ concerns and demonstrates an appropriate level of assertiveness over the sales process. Danielle displays a good balance between persistence and flexibility.

    1.4. Closing Skills

    Closing skills are behaviors related to bringing a sale to completion by asking for and obtaining a commitment from the client. Agents with strong closing skills are able to make closing recommendations, be persistent, overcome resistance, and can complete a transaction with ease. Typically, these agents are able to recognize customer’s buying signals and can persist with selling efforts despite setbacks or customer resistance in order to drive the sale to a close. In contrast, those with poor closing skills tend to either back away from the sale when a client demonstrates resistance or proceed too aggressively, potentially jeopardizing their relationship with clients. Poor closing skills dramatically extend the length of the sales cycle, lead to loss of clients, and result in foregone income opportunities.

    Compared with top performing agents, Danielle Moroney is very skilled at closing the sale. Danielle can obtain a commitment from the client by making closure seem to be a natural progression of the sales process. Danielle is persuasive, but doesn’t force the client into concluding the transaction when it’s inappropriate. In those situations where the sale does not materialize, Danielle can effectively deal with rejection without letting this event negatively impact future relationship with the client.


This portion of the assessment has been designed to measure general intelligence. The higher the score on this test, the greater the person's ability to solve problems, process information, and quickly learn new concepts. High general intelligence is linked to success in a number of professions, including sales; however, please note that by itself this test is not a strong predictor of success in sales.

Compared to other real estate agents who have completed this cognitive ability test, Danielle Moroney's score is about average. Most salespeople fall into this range. This score indicates that Danielle has a good ability to think through and resolve problems as they arise and to process information quickly and accurately. It also suggests that Danielle has a good capacity for discovering and learning new sales techniques and strategies. Danielle should continue to stay on top of the industry’s events and developments and keep up-to-date of new marketing and sales strategies in order to maintain a strategic performance edge. One way to do this is by monitoring key industry websites, such as,,,, and


Personality explains an individual’s behavioral tendencies. While personality does not determine one’s precise actions, it provides valuable information about inclinations and general patterns of behavior. The personality dimensions assessed by this profile have been shown to be linked to success in sales-related careers.

3.1 Extraversion

This trait reflects preference for, and behavior in, social situations. Individuals high in extraversion seek out the company of others and appear energetic. Extraverts get their energy from the outer world and feel drained when they are by themselves for too long. They like to talk and are expressive in communicating their feelings, emotions, interests and experiences to others. Extraverts are more friendly and outgoing around others than most people and tend to exert leadership. In contrast, those low in extraversion are inclined to be more quiet and reserved. These individuals get their energy from within and deplete energy quickly when having to deal with a lot of people.

From a career perspective, extraverts tend to enjoy sales, since this occupation involves “action” and a high level of social interaction. They feel energized by being immersed in a breadth of activities and by making “things happen.” Extraverts also tend to be more successful in sales, because they are able to effectively utilize their powers of persuasion and personal influence to engage clients and to close deals.

There are two main sub-traits of Extraversion: Sociability and Assertiveness.

3.1.a Sociability

Those high in sociability genuinely like people and easily form close relationships with others. They enjoy the company of others and large gatherings. They tend to be outgoing, friendly and affectionate. In contrast, those low in sociability value their personal time alone, form new relationships more guardedly, and prefer relations with fewer people. They do not necessarily avoid social interaction with others, but generally do not seek it.

Compared to other real estate agents who have completed this profile, Danielle Moroney's score on this dimension is about average. Danielle enjoys outgoing social situations and working with other people, but also likes to be alone and values personal time. While this level of sociability is adequate for achieving high performance as a real estate agent, Danielle may consider some of the suggestions provided in this report (click here) and works with a trainer or a coach to improve opening skills.

3.1.b Assertiveness

Assertiveness refers to an individual’s ability to express opinions, feelings and desires with confidence and clarity. Assertive individuals are usually confident in themselves and their own values and beliefs. They are aware of their personal rights and do not let others take advantage of them. They tend to speak without hesitation and communicate their feelings openly, but without appearing aggressive or abusive. In dealing with others, assertive people tend to be somewhat dominant – perhaps even forceful – and often exhibit leadership behaviors. In contrast, individuals low in assertiveness prefer to keep in the background and let others take the lead and make decisions. Unassertive individuals are frequently perceived as passive, and compliant.

Please note that being “assertive” is not the same as being “aggressive.” While “assertiveness” is a positive trait, “aggressiveness” usually refers to behaviors that are self-centered, inconsiderate, hostile, arrogant, and/or demanding.

Danielle Moroney's responses indicate that Danielle is a relatively assertive individual. Danielle can take control of a situation, but also tries to avoid conflict. Depending on circumstances, Danielle can be forceful in affirming a particular opinion or a certain way of doing things and comes across as energetic and self-confident. In sales interactions, Danielle has the ability to influence and direct the buying decision, but not to the point of appearing pushy or demanding. However, at other times, Danielle reacts more passively, takes time to formulate thoughts before speaking, and prefers to leave control to others. From the perspective of a career in real estate sales, Danielle may consider some of the suggestions provided in this report (click here).

3.2. Conscientiousness

    This trait reflects how persistent and organized a person is in pursuit of his or her professional and personal goals. Highly conscientious people are achievement-oriented, self-disciplined, organized, and dutiful. Conscientious people are generally interested in continuous self-improvement and often become leaders and “high achievers” in their chosen careers. In contrast, people low in conscientiousness tend to have less ambitious goals and tend to be less focused on pursuing those goals. They also tend to be more hedonic and are more likely to be distracted from the task at hand.

    From a perspective of a career in real estate sales, highly conscientious people tend to be more successful, because this career requires a goal-setting ability and self-discipline. Successful agents must set goals, plan their activities, organize their time, and implement their strategy with stamina and consistency.

    Conscientiousness is composed of two main sub-dimensions: Achievement-orientation and Dependability.

    3.2.a Achievement-Orientation

    Achievement-orientation describes an internal drive to compete against a “standard of excellence” and to achieve success. Individuals who are high in achievement-orientation typically are goal-oriented and aspire to be successful, whether their standard of success is their own past performance (e.g., increase sales by 20% this year), some objective measure (e.g., become a member of the President’s Club), a challenging goal (e.g., give out 5000 cards), or the performance of others (e.g., outsell Mary). In contrast, individuals who are low in achievement-orientation are less focused on goals, less enthusiastic about their careers, and often do the minimum required in their work.

    Compared to other real estate agents, Danielle Moroney scored highly in terms of achievement-orientation. Danielle has a high aspiration level and intends to work hard to achieve success. Danielle's answers indicate that Danielle sets challenging goals and works diligently toward achieving them. Danielle feels competent that the effort will result in effective goal achievement. Danielle is a purposeful individual and has a sense of direction in life.

    3.2.b Dependability

    Dependability reflects how organized and focused a person is on the task at hand. An individual high in dependability is organized, reliable, methodical and persistent. This person plans and utilizes time wisely. In contrast, a person low in dependability is one who is careless and fails to deliver on promises.

    According to Danielle's responses, Danielle is satisfactory in terms of dependability. Danielle is generally well organized, relatively dependable, reasonably reliable, and fairly persistent. However, Danielle sometimes finds it difficult to focus on the job at hand, and may set work aside in favor of other activities. Also, Danielle may not always effectively utilize the time and resources to keep organized and may tend to respond to situations as they arise (i.e., schedule changes, interruptions, etc.). Consequently, Danielle may lose perspective on priorities and may fail to make the most of the lead generation efforts and follow-up thoroughly with prospects, which ultimately result in missed sales opportunities. Danielle may benefit from assistance in prioritizing workload and keeping to the agenda, such as periodic reminders of specific tasks requiring attention. Danielle should review the other suggestions provided in this report (click here).

3.3. Emotional Resilience

    This trait reflects the tendency to experience, and the ability to manage negative thoughts and feelings. A high score suggests that the individual is generally stable, calm, and relaxed. Emotionally resilient people tend to be less emotional and less prone to distress. In contrast, a low score indicates a tendency to experience negative affects, such as anxiety, fear, sadness, embarrassment and anger.

    A career in real estate sales involves dealing with events that challenge one’s emotional state on a daily basis. In order to succeed, agents must effectively handle rejection, periodic "no sales" periods, difficult clients, hard-line negotiations, and other stressful events. People who are emotionally resilient tend to perform better in these situations.

    Danielle Moroney's responses indicate normal emotional resilience. Danielle is generally calm and able to deal with stress well. On occasion, Danielle may experience feelings of anger, sadness, and anxiety, but does not excessively focus on these emotions and manages to bounce back fairly quickly. Also, while Danielle considers potentially negative outcomes of various actions, Danielle does not dwell on things that might go wrong. Nevertheless, given the emotionally challenging nature of a career in real estate sales, Danielle may benefit from a strong personal support system and continuous encouragement from within Danielle's environment. Danielle may also consider some of the techniques, contained in this report, for dealing with adverse situations (click here).

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